Building Shared Services Centers in Life Sciences industry


Hundreds of placed multilingual candidates in SSC and BPO industry were delivered by Manuvia Expert Recruitment in the last eight years. But what is more remarkable, Manuvia proved ability to build whole functions and teams, especially for shared service centers in Life Sciences industry.

Building Shared Services Centers in Life Sciences industry

Between 2019 and 2021, Manuvia SSC recruiters were helping to establish and develop LifeScan Czech Republic operations in Prague. LifeScan is a major global company in blood glucose monitoring technologies. The company was growing and its Prague customer service center was supposed to play a key role for the company growth. The biggest part of the project took place in 2019, when Manuvia filled 29 roles. So far Manuvia filled more than 50 roles with 7 languages in customer service, cash collection and back office.

In October 2020, thanks to excellent references from Lifescan project Manuvia managers started their meetings with a global HR of Envista Holdings Corporation. Envista comprises more than 30 brands delivering dental products and technologies worldwide. The company decided to open a brand new SSC in Prague and Manuvia is playing a significant role in this project. So far Manuvia filled more than 35 roles in multilingual customer service, marketing, business development, HR and finance. 

Karolína Cajthamlová, Recruitment Operations Manager, is a delivery leader of both projects mentioned. “Key things for success are understanding client´s need, a focus on relationship, on details in communication and also ability to understand priorities and lead the project team accordingly,” Karolína explained.

In December 2021, Manuvia came back to its former client from the period of 2014-2016. Again it is a premium brand in Life Sciences industry and a well-known global company. Manuvia SSC team has already delivered first placed candidates for the client´s multilingual customer service team and is looking forward to building new relationships, learning more about both SSC and Life Sciences industries and writing another success story.