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Recruiting new employees expected to grow within our clients´ organizations (Permanent Recruitment, Permanent Placement) is a keystone of our services. We fill attractive vacancies across market which requires continuous contact with talented graduates, junior analysts and specialists, senior professionals, team leaders, both project and line managers.

We work with our own powerful database and external databases as well. We are active on social networks but we still see attractive job board advertising as an effective sourcing tool. Support from our colleagues located in 7 European Manuvia countries means a strong competitive advantage for us. Regular mutual feedback and transparent communication with both candidates and clients are typical for all our projects.


Executive Search or “Headhunting” is a specific version of Permanent Placement. The service is focused not only on roles in senior management or highly qualified expert roles, actually, it can be used for all projects where getting in touch with a suitable candidate is a serious challenge. Another typical aspect of Executive Search project is the need for confidentiality.

The Executive Search project usually starts with mapping the environment – region, industry, competitors. The next phase is to identify appropriate candidates. The following key step is approaching the identified candidates in a sensitive way. Standard part of the service is also detailed reporting – an overview of actions taken and candidates´ statuses enabling us also to measure success and make the search even more effective.


Our Recruitment Training is focused on internal recruiters or hiring managers, especially on those who start their career as a recruiter or a hiring manager. Whilst the hiring managers attend mainly the selection interview training, recruiters have the opportunity to learn about the whole hiring cycle including request definition, candidate sourcing, selection process organization, offer negotiation and onboarding.

The program is designed as a half day or one day interactive training (case studies, role play) and follow up consulting sessions (face to face or webinar).

Recruitment Process

RPO is outsourcing of defined part of a recruitment process or taking full responsibility for the whole recruitment cycle. RPO brings significantly higher effectiveness especially when building large teams in a short period of time is needed. It is a good solution also for companies with long-term high volume specialist recruitment where e.g. well-targeted foreign sourcing means significant impact.

Within RPO projects our specialized recruiters work on-board in direct communication with hiring managers. When sourcing candidates, the RPO on-board team is supported by colleagues from 7 Manuvia European countries.


In psychodiagnostics, our partner is cut-e company (Germany). cut-e delivers on-line assessment instruments to help HR professionals and hiring managers make reliable and defendable talent decisions on selection or people development. cut-e tools are built on the foundations of research and psychometrics and are short and user-friendly. cut-e tools include on-line testing focused on abstract logical abilities, numerical abilities, situational judgement test, values & motivation questionnaires etc.

In cooperation with cut-e, we are ready to prepare a tailor-made testing program based on detailed understanding of the candidate profile preferred by our client.

Outplacement & Career

Outplacement & Career Transition is a solution used in situations when a company plans an organizational change connected with headcount reduction and offers qualified help to employees affected. The program is usually applied when the client appreciates a long-term career of employees leaving the company and is willing to cover complex external advisory helping participants understand the current job market and find the best way of further career development.

Our recruitment consultants invite program participants for interviews identifying their motivation and strengths, discussing various options of further professional development. They help create an attractive resume or Linkedin profile, they also discuss strategic topics – choosing the right industry, job seniority or salary requirement.

the way we work

Fast response

Initial call & meeting. Setting strategy. Workload allocation.

Working with details

Client's vision & culture. Job spec. Career growth. Selling points.


Job market knowledge. Benchmarking. Long-term relationship.

Sourcing mix

Databases. Social media. EU & Non-EU sourcing. Executive search.

Project overview

Keeping commitments. Mutual feedback. Pipeline reporting.


Overcoming obstacles. Competent negotiation. Win-win solution.


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